When you truly love someone, you need to show them how much you’re willing to pay if they ever get kidnapped. That’s why diamond engagement rings exist. It’s an exquisite, yet subtle way to say, “Hey baby, if anything happens to you on one of our exotic travels, this is the ransom amount I would post on Facebook, k? I love you this many.” So here they are, our top 3 most stunning diamond engagement rings of all time
  1. Cathedral Princess Of The Terrarium Diamond Ring: C$650,774.35

Who doesn’t love to have three meals in a day? But then again, who doesn’t love Pavé? It’s a hard one, we know. But being a fiancee comes with responsibilities, so say hello to glamour and goodbye to nutrition. Be dazzled by this marvellous diamond ring and become the envy of all your friends and the people from Mozambique. Make sure to mention YOUR ring is 540 times their GDP per capita.

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