This season, no matter which store window you pass by, all you’re gonna see are ruffles, ruffles AND SHOULDERS. Shoulders have been hidden for too long and they deserve to be exposed this year.

Anyway, ruffles! Yes, the amount of layers of ruffles you carry on that body of yours will deliver a message to your audience. Start counting and see what you get!

1. One subtle ruffle
You are shy but compassionate. These two things normally don’t come in the same package but you have them! When you see someone suffering you want to help them but are too scared to talk to them.

Lucky word: Corn.
Advice: Avoid marrying someone named Aidan.

2. A couple of ruffles on the sides
You are disgusting. Who do you think you are? You think you can just go around life ignoring people’s feelings and also human decency?! Let me tell you something you good-for-nothing low-life! Love is love and haters gonna hate. Stop and think about it.
Lucky word: Ruffles. The chips.
Advice: Change personality and wardrobe.

3. Lots of ruffles!
You are so much fun and so cute. You’re the type of person people just want to hang out with and bask in the company of your ruffles. You radiate so much love and cuteness it’s impossible not to love you. Sometimes people confuse you with a dog but that can only be taken as a compliment.
Lucky word: Failure.
Advice: Wiggle your tail to get free treats.

4. I stop counting at 455 ruffles.
You are no longer a person and have merged yourself with cotton and polyester. You are comfortable and affordable, the masses will want to have you in their closets. You are a ruffle now and you better start flaring like one.
Lucky word: Flammable.
Advice: Stop counting.

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