After just over three years together, Mo Awad and Andrea Kowalski have decided that they’re pretty sure they can handle spending their entire lives together.

Awad and Kowalski, both 28, healthy, virile, and still hot, know that they’ve probably already faced every challenge they will ever face as a couple and will definitely be able to handle anything that comes their way.

“About a year go, I got into a really big fight with my best friend Tamara over whether or not our third friend Marissa was clinically depressed or just kind of rude,” says Kowalski, “and Mo was there for me throughout the whole thing.”

“We’ve been through thick and thin together,” says Awad. “Just the other week, I dropped a roll of toilet paper into the toilet and was really frustrated with myself, and Andrea was able to talk me down after about two hours.”

“I just can’t really forsee anything much worse than a fight with a friend or a big inconvenience coming up,” says Kowalski.

Kowalski and Awad site Kowalski’s paternal grandparents as their inspiration. According to Awad, his grandparents have been together for 60 years and have faced similar challenges to the young couple, without wavering.

“Yes, I also got into a fight with my best friend a few years ago,” says Kowalski’s grandmother, Margaret. “It was never resolved because she died a week later. All of my friends are dead now.”

Kowalski’s grandfather Marvin agreed that he and the young couple are very similarly equipped to face the challenges of marriage: “Much like Awad’s toilet paper incident, I’ve also dealt with massive inconveniences in my life,” says Marvin, “but my loving wife has always been there for me.”

“Just to clarify,” interrupts Margaret, ” ‘massive inconveniences’ is what he calls last year’s triple bypass surgery because he’s had some trouble remembering certain terms since the stroke four years ago,” says Awad’s Grandma.

“Plus, if we can put on a perfect wedding, why wouldn’t we be able to put on a successful marriage? If I can create a floral arrangement as beautiful as the one I saw on Pinterest, I’m pretty sure that none of my kids will have learning disorders!”

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