He’s stripped down and now you’ve got yourself a naked man in front of you. Oh the things you can do to him! We’ve got some naughty suggestions for you:

Clip his toenails: For this one, you’re gonna wanna get out a silky scarf and tie him to the bed. Next, use one of his favourite ties to blindfold him. Then go for his feet…and clip his toenails. Seriously. A dude with long toenails is not cute — take care of those ASAP.

Read him a haiku: He’s got your attention and you’ve certainly got his. You’re gonna want to get a deep angle on this one, so reach into your bag of tricks… for a haiku. Get it, girl!

Put a rider on your insurance policy for that fur coat you just inherited: Now that you’ve gotten off all his clothes, straddle him and do something you’ve meaning to do for ages. You’re gonna want to dial up your insurance company and get a rider put on that heirloom you just got handed. Because great aunt Tabitha’s furs are worth protecting. She and the animals used to make that coat may be dead, but your bedroom is obviously not.  

Make him do your taxes: Steam things up by taking things outside the bedroom and find a sturdy desk. Make him sit at your desk, open up the latest version of Turbo Tax, and have at it. It’s minimal work for you and you get to watch him work up a sweat. Enjoy the view from where you sit, as he gets to work.

Discover your genealogy on Ancestry.com: Shake up your boring old routine, girl! Turn on some sultry music, and take a seat…. in front of his computer. You guys can get a little flirty as you sign up for your free trial of Ancestry.com. Go ahead, get wild and figure out who he got that booty from.

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