A woman in Toronto turned 30 YO last week and after being congratulated by her fellow friends and family, they all agreed she looked exactly her age.

According to Facebook comments found on her most recent photo, Sasha Frazier looks, “Great”, “Has her mother’s smile” and “OMG is wearing Linda’s exact same dress, what are the chances?”. But there were notably no comments on how she doesn’t look 30 YO.

Frazier was appalled by the news as she was expecting this to be the number one compliment she would receive on that particular day. “I’ve been to dirty 30s birthdays before and I followed the rules. “I would say things like ‘look at Benjamin Button over here’ or when we’re at a club I’ll even have the bouncer kick them out just to show that I think they look 19. So that’s why I find it so horrible that people didn’t correspond with the same favour”.

We followed up with Dr. Pebbles, a local neurosurgeon who explained some people suffer from “natural ageing” or what he described as the body naturally coming to a point of maturity, which some people might find disgusting. He recommends 30 year olds embrace their age or, if that’s too hard, hit him up for a consultation as he’s making his way into plastic surgery.

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