Hi Beautiful Bunz community!

I can’t believe I ran out of tokens from the last time I traded all my furniture and uncle last year but here I am. I think somebody’s being lazy and doesn’t want to walk 25 blocks home! lol

It might be a bit of a stretch, but since this is the only place where I can get these transportation coins plus Im on the peak of my fertility, I’m offering my womb for trade. This uterus has never been used for reproductive reasons and has the capacity to grow and feed 3 human babies. I’d like to point out that it’s in optimal conditions and comes with its original fallopian tubes, ovaries and medium to high cramps.

PM if interested and let me know how many tokens you’re willing to trade per baby.

Thanks so much!

You guys are life savers.

*Tokens photo by Brendan Lynch, via Flikr. Altered by UNoriginal.

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