Darren and Helen VonSternen welcomed a healthy baby boy this past Sunday. Weighing 8lbs 7oz, parents and newborn are doing well according to the couple’s reps, they are “beyond thrilled to finally be parents”.

They are choosing to keep the details of the birthing story private. However, unlike when most couples give birth and the dude simply gets to have some of the birthing credit he did not have a human being enter into the world through his dilated cervix, this couple actually delivered a baby boy through their collective vagina.

Sources close to the new parents say that both endured labour pains for a reported 16.5 hours with grace. The duo co-carried a growing human in their shared womb for nine months of anxiety and constant urination before welcoming baby [last name] into the world.

The couple first shared that they were pregnant on Instagram six months ago with that photo shoot no one will soon forget. And by pregnant we don’t mean the person with the uterus had to actually do all the work, leaving the rest of us wondering who this “we” is that was pregnant. The two were the first couple in history who was able to use the phrase “we’re pregnant” without being absolutely full of shit.

Still no word on who took the equally important job of feeding them ice chips during delivery.

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