With all this talk of consent and communication, one thing is clear. Women need to be more explicit about what they want. How am I supposed to parse out what her body language means when I’m distracted by my hard penis and desire to ignore non-verbal cues. I am not a mind-reader, nor am I a man that doesn’t want to have sex, and so to ask me to gauge somebody’s level of comfort is to ask me to be  a mentalist who’s not currently having sex. I don’t, however, want to dismiss non-verbal cues ouright, because there is one place where they are crucially important, and that is in my level 2 improv class.
Over the past six weeks, I’ve learned that you can find out quite a bit about a scene or character from the way a fellow ‘prover is standing, their posture, what their hands are doing,  or where their eyes are directed. It is especially important to look for non-verbal cues when you need to find out another character’s desires. Outside of just character work I like to know when the human improviser behind the character needs my help! Sometimes as ‘provers we get stuck or lost in a scene and no longer want to be there. I like to keep an eye out for this so that I can bail my fellow artist out of a scenario they are not comfortable with!
At the end of the day, improv is about trust and communication and sex is about having sex.

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