Gregory Matheson, 32, was reportedly seen biking in the streets of Toronto during temperatures close to -30 degrees Celsius. The bike enthusiast claims “Biking during winter is such a great experience, you just need to bundle up. I’m not a hero, just a normal guy who loves to bike.”

But the life of this man took a drastic turn when he stepped off of his bike only to discover his balls had grown exponentially on a day with a wind chill of -42 and an extreme weather alert to stay the fuck inside. “It took me a while to realize my balls were 10 times their regular size since my whole body was numb and I was too busy thawing my frostbitten feet and face.”

The news of Matheson’s massive balls went viral with the hashtag #MathesonBallsOfIce and people all over the world are sending messages of love and praise to this extreme biker. In the next couple of days, Matheson is expected to win the Medal for Bravery, South Africa King’s Medal of Military Valour and the FBI Medal of W.O.W.

This phenomenon is predicted to reoccur as we see more extreme cold weather joggers, roller-skaters and tank top wearers on the streets.

Image credit: Unsplash/Ulf Bodin

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