Today justice was made — today is a day to celebrate that dreams really do come true, and to finally put a stop to puppies’ sadness exploitation. This day will be remembered as the last day of Sad Sam & Honey®’s very sad life.

After more than 35 years of fighting in dozens of tribunals and international courts, Sad Sam & Honey® won their battle and were prescribed antidepressants in order to combat the chronic sadness that has been ruling their lives from the very beginning.

The story of Sad Sam & Honey® began in 1980 when they were created with the intention of making them look like sad-eyed pups with innocent expressions and sweet, child-like proportions. What started as an innocent tale, soon developed into a terrible nightmare for the two who would never feel the light of a smile, laughter or just simply, resting face.

Even though these two were a huge international success, recognized and loved on five continents, Sad Sam & Honey® tragically had no choice but to be sad about their existence in this world, specially on Valentine’s Day. The day where every basic guy saw them as the perfect merchandise to manipulate a girl’s feelings. But not anymore! This year, they’ll have to settle for Teddy, the chronically happy bear whose case remains in court.

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