According to a study published by the Canadian Institute of Scheduling and Organization (CISO), Family Day is the most convenient day to let your kids in on your pending divorce. According to data collected over one Family Day, 100% of children and 78% of adults have the day off.

CISO found that out of the 365 days of the year, Family Day is the only day where parents can find an hour in the day where their kids aren’t at school or extra-curricular activities. This proves invaluable when it becomes necessary to tell your children that you no longer love your spouse.

We spoke to the Parcelle’s, a divorced couple from CISO’s study, and asked them why they chose family day to tell the kids that they weren’t enough to keep their parents together: “Well Karen was scheduled to move out of the house the day after Family Day. So for us, it was really just the last possible minute we could explain to the kids that they were about to be dealing with a lot of lawyers. Lawyers that aren’t good with kids.”

From all of us here at Unoriginal, we hope you had a happy family day. Specifically you, A.J and Leah. We need to talk to you guys later today.

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