Technology has given people the opportunity to discover their racial heritage with something as small as a drop of saliva. Without even leaving your house, a DNA kit can be sent to you to uncover a new world of possibilities. Find out what you’re made of, your ethnic origins and get to know new relatives. These news can be thrilling for some, and devastating for others.

Myriam Pelvis, who grew up in Massachusetts, had always been curious on what her racial background was. And no wonder why. Her phenotype was unique. Silky red her, light brown freckles, thick brown eyebrows, strong jaw and a nose with extra personality.

Myriam explains she was constantly being asked “What are you? What’s your ethnic background? And I just didn’t really know. My parents were from Wisconsin and Alabama and didn’t like to talk about the past. It was up to me to find out the truth”.

The news are still developing on Miss Pelvis’ case but a Presidential Medal of Freedom is being discussed in the White House. More details to come.

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