Any influencer worth following can turn a humdrum experience into the most enviable excursion. And you my friend, we know, have a certain way of making anything you do make you look #blessed. So the next time you’re headed to the gynocologist’s, serve up some serious inspo with these 7 snaps.

1. Waiting room selfie: Tag the location and be sure to look super serious, yet your usual glam self. You want your followers to know that you take your reproductive health seriously, and you want that guy you’re hooking up with who is probably lurking on your insta to be very worried. It’ll be fun, plus… new followers.
Optimal timing = The moment you sit down. Waste no time in wondering if you have a herpes, or what’s going on in there. This is your new mission.
Framing tips = Get some of those STI posters in the background for added drama.

2. The upside down selfie: If your selfies are a little basic as of late, give your followers a fresh face, and a look at your true beauty, in that stunning fluorescent light.
Optimal timing = When the gyno is feeling your pelvis for any inflammation or pain and asking if anything feels out of the ordinary, and you should be paying attention, but this is more important.
Framing tips = Make sure you get some of that crinkly paper that you’re laying on top of in the shot — it adds texture to the background.

3. Artistic butt selfie: This isn’t your typical butt selfie. It needs to look French AF, and you’ve got plenty of time to take a few snaps while the nurse waits for you to get undressed and give them your OK. No rush.
Optimal timing = Show off your behind, behind closed doors. As soon as the nurse leaves the room so you can put that weird paper blanket over your vagina, it’s photo-op time.
Framing tips = Wiggle your butt on up to that examining table and apply the paper blanket artistically across that bare lap of yours, turn on the light she uses to look deep inside of you, and use it to light your butt.

4. B&W shot of the ultrasound screen: Show your followers that you are truly laid back and artistic with this up close and personal look all up in your guts.
Optimal timing = Let your first glimpse of the inside of your womb be your followers’ first glimpse, too. Heck, even story this moment!
Framing tips = Keep your face out of it, it makes you mysterious and artsy and ups the likes.

5. #OOTD: This one could actually be styled two ways. One, you take with that paper robe, the other is a styled lay flat of all your clothes on the examining table before you redress! Seize any opportunity to show off your styling.
Optimal timing = When you’re done your procedure, right before you put your regular old non-paper clothes on.
Framing tips = Honestly, whatever works in the moment. We’ll be glued to whatever you’re posting.

6. Legs or hot dogs: Ah, the classic insta guessing game for all of your followers. We’re not saying an accidental vag shot won’t get you more followers.
Optimal timing = When your feet are in the stirrups and your gyno asks you to wiggle your toes as the speculum gets inserted.
Framing tips = Just a smidge of the gown will truly up your style game, yet let them know you’re here to play, oh and take care of your uterus.

7. Inspirational poster: We all know this game is just about making them jealous. Jealous that you have the wisdom to post wisdom, and that you take care to get your regular scheduled pap.
Optimal timing = As you’re laying on your back, hoping that even though you’re on your period, it’s not a true gush.
Framing tips = Opt for the full poster that hangs over the examining table. If you’re super lucky, it’ll have whales or dolphins in it.

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