As the Winter Olympics come to a close and everyone prepares for their respective post-Olympics rager, we here at Unoriginal have thrown together a few Winter Olympics themed snack ideas to help you guys say goodbye to the most thrilling Olympics since 776 BC.

1. Ice Burgers with an Ice Reduction

These are so easy to make it should be a felony! Simply shave four pounds of ice and then pack them into thick, juicy ice patties. For your reduction, simply take two handfuls of ice and simmer them in a pan until you have a thick glaze. Pour this ice reduction over your patties and serve on rock-hard frozen buns.

2. Icy Fries with an Icy Mayo

Fries are a staple of any good party meal, so why not try this Olympic spin on a party classic. Simply take a block an ice and slice it into 1/4 inch batons. Once sliced, drizzle ice oil over the batons and place on a cookie shit. Put in oven heated to 700 degrees and cook until they are fries.

3. A Hockey Puck dipped in Ice Syrup

All of the sports at the Winter Olympics are incredible, but we all know that hockey is the star of the show! This dish pays homage to the sport by featuring a succulent rubbery hockey puck. First, make your ice syrup by tapping an Ice Tree and collecting it’s ice sap. Heat the sap until it becomes a syrup, and then take your used hockey puck and dip it into the syrup, creating a delicious glazed puck donut. This will surely be the star of YOUR show.

From all of us here at Unoriginal, we want to wish you a happy Winter Olympics and a Merry Ice Dish!

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