Last night, I realized how lucky I was after attending my good friend Fabiana’s birthday party, who I must add, decided to have a bowling themed party. People can be so selfish, especially on their birthdays.

I went alone this time, but it was great because I got to catch up with my girlfriends. You know, talk about day to day stuff, who does what in the relationship, the responsibilities of being a grown up, and whose sex life is in the worst shape.

I was shocked to see how much my boyfriend actually does! I mean, let’s start with the most obvious: he cooks! I mean he boils water for the pasta but he does it with such grace and style that it’s something worth seeing. To the point that you need to see it to make sure he adds the salt but again, I am F O R E V E R                G R A T E F U L.

Secondly, I realized my amazing BF fills up the Brita whenever he’s thirsty. When I’m thirsty I have to do it, but who cares?! I just sync my body’s dehydration with his and that’s it. I am
L U C K Y.

Thirdly, and I really don’t mean to brag, but my super equipped boyfriend can clip his own toenails! So many of my friend’s husbands have to ask their wives to do this for them. I am
B L E S S E D.

What does your boyfriend do?

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