If there was ever a time for women to stand up for what they believed in, it’s now. There are so many important movements building up, especially for women and minorities in America. There’s a bravery fragrance in the air that have made women confront their partners, bosses, friends and coworkers to let them have a piece of their minds.

Take the case of Marjorie May. A foodie, in all sense of the word, who loves to try new restaurants every week if possible. She’s a person who writes reviews on Yelp, comments on Google Maps images and has even thought of writing her own food blog — she would call it “Palate”, FYI. This is her tale:

Noon arrives on Friday in a small business in Hamilton and a new coworker asks Marjorie for recommendations in the neighbourhood to grab “delicious” food. What a time to be alive for Miss May! She takes this question seriously and begins to list all 42 places in a 1Km radius from expensive to cheap, from quality to good service, and cuisines to funny logos. The coworker, who remains anonymous for security reasons, listens carefully, takes notes, favourites some of them on his app and thanks Marjorie for all her help. Nonetheless, he ends up buying a 12 inch Italian sub at Subway. Marjorie decides not to watch in silence. Not this time. Not in our month.

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