Truth is often stranger than fiction, and this couldn’t be truer when it comes to some of history’s craziest homicides. Society has long been fascinated by murderers and their victims, because it’s very fun to think about the death of a real person that had a family and friends. Savvy Murder-lovers are likely aware that many of TV’s illest fictional murders are based on stories of real criminals and their unsavoury crimes. The following true crime stories will have you in awe of the longevity of  Richard Belzer’s career.

1. The murder of a dental hygienist by her 6-year-old patient

In 1978, a young woman named Katherine Bingham went to work at the dental office she was employed, and never came home. Her friends and family were astounded to learn that she was murdered by a six-year-old boy. In order to try and get inside the mind of the 6-year-old murderer, a 6-year-old detective, played by Richard Belzer, was assigned ot the case. When pressed for comment, the victim’s sister said “I’m just in shock. Richard Belzer has been acting since he was 6?”

2. The murder of a famous murderer by a murdered murderer

In 1996, Mark Walferguson was mowing his lawn when a man came up behind him and tried to murder him. He was pronounced legally dead for ten minutes but was revived in the hospital. He went on to murder Carl Clarkson, one of the most famous murderers of the 90s. Jurors were chilled when they heard Walferguson’s remarks during his cross-examination: “Richard Belzer played a detective, as well as all three murderers, in the mini-series based on my story.”

3. The future murder of the television industry

In 2040, the television industry will be murdered by one Richard Belzer. In the true crime retelling of the story via morse code, Richard Belzer will be played by Richard Belzer.

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