You’re only engaged once in a lifetime, unless you’re part of the other 50% of the population, so let’s make sure you have fun and enjoy all the stressful things that involve planning the soon-to-be happiest day of your life!

Here is some advice to cherish during this special stage:

1. Have fun telling the story of your engagement for the millionth time
People love hearing a good engagement story and they ALL deserve to know every little detail, even Jenny from HR who didn’t authorize your raise, ought to hear what the temperature outside was and what your nails looked like, because you had no idea!
Experiencing shortness of breath, throat pain and no sense of time and space? No one can take this beautiful feeling away from you.

2. Get some beauty rest and have nightmares of zero people showing up to your wedding
This is going to be a constant dream from now on so get used to waking up soaking wet and shaking. What a great time to be alive and engaged! Try to make the best out of these dreams and keep a diary of them in case you need to see a specialist.

3. Indulge the new “overwhelmed” you
Appreciate every small stress that’s been building up since the day you got engaged. Savour the various challenges of saying no to your parents, to your in-laws, seeing your bank account grow smaller and smaller, deciding what type of wedding you want to have, what type of wedding you deserve to have and the type of wedding you can actually afford to have. Enjoy this puking ride because you can’t get off now and remember, you wanted this to happen!

4. Feel like a princess trying on dresses you’ll never be able to afford
Weddings can be so magical for people with endless cash. If this is not the case for you, then make sure to experience what it’s like to buy an elegant white dress and get served expensive champagne in sophisticated boutiques — but remember, you won’t use something this gorgeous on your wedding. Be real, but also let yourself go in the fantasy. It’s all about keeping this unhealthy balance.

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